Packaging our pharmacy utilizes include the individual blister card and Dispill™ a multi-medication packaging system. Dispill™ packages are divided into morning, noon, evening and bedtime doses for each day of the week; simplifying medication management and facilitating fast, accurate medication passes. A Synmed robot safely fills the Dispill™ multi-medication packages which are verified by a pharmacist to ensure accuracy.

Medication Administration Records

We offer two types of medication administration record (MAR) formats, a paper MAR which is fully customizable or an electronic MAR through Quickmar™. Quickmar™ offers real time medication changes to the MAR as orders are entered into the pharmacy software. Our packaging also allows for barcode verification with the electronic MAR adding another layer of safety to our patients. Our pharmacy software, IPS, is able to interface with most other eMAR systems for facilities with an existing eMAR.

Facility Portal

IPS offers an online portal for facility staff to access important information about their patients in the pharmacy database. Examples of uses include accessing orders, printing MARs, and reordering medications. This system is secure, providing access only to authorized individuals via a personal login ID and password.

Assisted Living Facilities